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“Ebb Flow” by Debi Keable

I was born in Hull and have lived here most of my life, but I travel extensively and have lived in Valencia. I am married to Alan who works as an Offshore Engineer and have three daughters: Grace, 24; Ellie, 22; and Ruby, 17.

I graduated from the Hull School of Art & Design in 2011. Currently an intern there, I also work as a visual artist and community arts worker. My work has been shown at the International Print Biennale and I have worked on commissions for Freedom Festival and the Humber Street Sesh, as well as exhibiting across the city. I am currently delivering workshops with disengaged sectors of the community on a project for ‘Untold Stories’. I was recently a finalist for Amsterdam Light Festival and will be showing work at Light Night Leeds. Earlier this year, I was awarded Bronze in the specialist screen printing category at FESPA Cologne.

I create beautiful light installations where the audience is able to participate in a positive and moving visual experience. I like the viewer to be able to move around, look through, and somehow develop a relationship with the work. It is important to me that my artwork is accessible to all sections of a community beyond the constraints of a gallery or theatre space – a shared experience on a public platform.

I use non-traditional materials and mediums, such as acrylic sheets and phosphorescent inks, to create screen-printed light installations that immerse the viewer in multi-layered landscapes.

My starting point was the port as a place of transition; a place where people start a journey to a new life, where visitors arrive to stay or pass through. MOVEMENT was the immediate thought that came to mind when considering the Port of Hull, ABP and Siemens. My concept for the sculpture is to reflect this movement using aluminium, text and phosphorescent pigments. I am working with local poet Shane Rhodes to create a newly-commissioned piece of writing for the sculpture. Shane understands the history and uniqueness of Hull; its people and language and will respond to the changing face of the port.

This experience has been an interesting process. I have learnt how to work alongside a wide range of professionals, to develop relationships with all the different partners. Each partner comes to the project from a different perspective and, as the artist, it has been a challenging but worthwhile experience collaborating with industry, the council and arts organisations. I hope this project will help to raise my profile as an arts professional on a national and international level and deliver a piece of work that will enhance the public experience of the pathway.

People will be able to connect with the sculpture as they pass by day or night. My hope is that they will respond to the shapes and words that resonate with ABP, the city and Green Port Hull. I am inspired by artists that create work that is accessible to all. Each project brings its own inspiration; I thrive on new challenges. I am really proud of changing my career path and completing a degree as a mature student. This has been a challenging but exciting time for me and I am really looking forward to what the future holds.