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The Hull Blade Factory, with our new £186m investment, is leading the charge in the next generation of offshore wind turbines. Having hand-built over 2000 blades in Hull with our twenty-four hour operation since our launch in 2016, we have powered 6.7 million homes - we're just getting started, but to get there, we need you.

We don’t just look at your experience - we look at who you are, too. with comprehensive training schemes to support your development in your new role, an extensive benefits program and a competitive salary. We are proud to be a diverse employer. Take a look at the roles below and discover where your exciting new career begins.

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Do you want to be part of the foundation that supports production of our wind turbine blades. We’re looking for new faces in our new larger warehouse, which involves taking delivery of materials and moving them to appropriate storage to where they are needed just in time. While experience with forklift operation and goods-in processing is beneficial, it’s not essential, as we'll provide all the necessary training and certifications.

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As a Pre-Production Specialist, you’ll play a critical role in producing wind turbine blades that power the world. In this role, you'll be responsible for preparing layers of fibreglass to fill our blade moulds, using a fibreglass cutter machine to ensure the perfect length - the first step of the manufacturing process. Your ability to work efficiently on different tasks will be critical to the success in this role. You'll work closely with other areas to ensure the timely delivery of top-quality blades. If you're looking for a dynamic and challenging role that allows you to be part of the sustainable energy movement, take a look below!

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Packing Team

As part of our packing team, you'll build state-of-the-art blades to manually pack fibre glass fabric into a mould and infuse it with resin to create fully casted blades. Layer by layer, you'll help create top-quality blades that power the future. If you have experience working with fabrics and fantastic attention to detail - this might be the role for you.

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Service Team

This dynamic role will see you everywhere and anywhere in our blade packing and casting area, from preparing components to arranging blade moves. Your ability to work efficiently, independently and think on your feet will be critical to the success of our manufacturing process, and you'll work closely with our packing teams to ensure the timely delivery of top-quality blades. If you're a self-starter who makes things happen and thrives in a fast-paced and challenging environment, this role is perfect for you.

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Finishing Team

This is where you'll play a key role in finishing wind turbine blades before they're painted and shipped off to sea. Our manufacturing process is completely done by hand, which means attention to detail and precision are crucial. If you’ve used power tools before, this role is perfect for you. As part of our team, you'll utilize your expertise to finish blades using fibreglass, carbon materials and resins to ensure they're durable for the demands and power of the wind.

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Surface Coating Team

In this role, you'll apply a layer of primer and paint to blades using spray equipment, ensuring that they meet our high standards for quality and surface finish. Depending on where the blades are going in the world, you'll be finishing the paintwork with red dots, red tips, or red stripes, or a mix-and-match of all of them. While experience with paint application is beneficial, it's not essential. We'll provide you with all the training you need to excel in this role.

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Final Assembly Team

In this critical role, you'll add the finishing touches to blades, including vortex generators and dino-tails, that help blades produce more power and increase the efficiency. Your attention to detail and positive attitude will be essential in ensuring that blades are completed to the highest standard and are checked thoroughly before being shipped off to sea. To succeed in this role, it's all about your attitude, not your experience, and we're looking for team players who are passionate about sustainable energy and our final customer.

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