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The Humber Freeport is a special kind of port where normal tax and customs rules do not apply. Businesses operating inside these designated areas can take advantage of the benefits offered by the 198ha Hull East Tax Sites.

Focussed on low carbon economic growth, the Humber Freeport will create high quality employment opportunities within tax sites, customs sites and seed capital sites, with benefits until 2026.

Tax Sites

  • Stamp duty and land tax relief
  • Enhanced structure and buildings allowances
  • National insurance rate relief
  • Business rate relief
  • Local retention of business rates

Customs Sites

  • Duty deferral
  • Duty inversion

Seed Capital Sites

  • Capital activity including land purchase or infrastructure costs

Hull East zone, part of the Humber Freeport, provides a portfolio of deliverable development sites in the port and its hinterland, totalling 198ha and includes ABP's International Enterprise Park, the Yorkshire Energy Park, Saltend Chemicals Park and the Eastern portion of the Port of Hull.

A new hydrogen plant is proposed within this zone, as well as the opportunity to decarbonise Saltend Chemicals Plant and create exportable surplus hydrogen and decarbonised products. The Yorkshire Energy Park offers immediate development opportunities, including incubation spaces.

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