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Four will be installed in flats in Nornabell Street in order to track their performance and cost.

Ideal Heating, the city-based firm, is providing the air source heat pumps to Hull City Council as part of a net-zero campaign.

Councillor Paul Drake-Davis, the portfolio holder for housing, said the idea was to "improve energy efficiency" while "providing comfort and affordability for residents".

"We have a duty to tackle climate change," he added. “A significant part of that commitment is the way homes across the city are heated."

Air source heat pumps work by sucking in outdoor air and passing it over tubes containing refrigerant fluids, in order to produce heat.

Four neighbouring flats will receive new gas-powered combi boilers, in order to compare their performance with the heat pumps.

John Jackson, of Ideal Heating, said the trial "could have a real impact on the way homes in the city are heated", as well as reducing bills.

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