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Tony Watson

Tony Watson, 49, is an assembly operative at Siemens. For the past 28 years, he has worked in Hull’s thriving caravan industry, most recently as a team leader in exterior finishing. He lives in west Hull.

After working with caravans for most of my life, I felt ready for a new challenge. Much like the local caravan manufacturing sector, renewable energy is set to become a big industry for Hull, with Siemens a large employer. I knew my experience and skills would be in demand, but needed to know more about the roles available and how to apply.

I went along to one of the recruitment days last autumn, where I met with the Siemens team, who gave me a few pointers – one of which was to create a CV. With the caravan industry being so tight-knit, you hear about vacancies on the grapevine and many workers are headhunted, so I have never really needed one. I found out on the radio that The Hub were offering a service to help people create and update their CVs, as well as other preparation for the online Siemens job application profiles. Although I was confident in my skills and experience, I didn’t know where to start, but the team at The Hub were brilliant and helped me showcase my abilities and apply.

I went for one of the team lead positions with Siemens. Despite a positive interview, I didn’t get the role due to my lack of knowledge on the company’s heritage, but it was great to be able to get such specific feedback. The Hub had been a great support before, so I visited them again so they could help me brush up on my Siemens knowledge before I applied for other roles.

I was fortunate to be offered a job as an assembly operative recently. I start my induction on 20th July and head out to Denmark in August for training, which I’m really looking forward to. I can’t wait to build on my existing skills and learn something new, in an industry that is going to play such a big part in our local economy.