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Ross Turner

Ross Turner, 38, is a lifting coach at Siemens. After spending 20 years as a trainer in the Army, Ross worked as a plant machinery trainer at a company specialising in infrastructure and public services. Ross lives in Goole.

Most of my career has been spent coaching others. My career started in the Army as an electrician in the Royal Corps of Signals, and I soon progressed and trained to become an instructor, teaching skills in areas spanning weapons, tactics and first aid. Unfortunately, after 20 years, I was injured and I had to leave the army. I started working for Amey, one of the UK’s largest infrastructure and public services firms. I enjoyed what I was doing, but being away most of the week meant I missed out on valuable time with my family.

Living in East Yorkshire, I’d heard a lot about the Siemens manufacturing facility at Alexandra Dock in Hull, and wondered if there would be any roles for me that would utilise my training skills, provide me with a fresh challenge in a new industry, and give me the work-life balance I was looking for. I saw an advert on the Green Port Hull website for some careers days last autumn, so went along and met the lifting and logistics manager. We had a chat about the roles available and it made my mind up that I wanted to apply.

I kept checking the Green Port Hull website for updates. When the roles were released, I needed advice on how to apply. Through the website, I contacted the team at the Green Port Hub, who helped me put together a profile for Siemens’ online application portal and update my CV. I wasn’t sure what Siemens was looking for, and whether my lack of experience in the energy sector would set me back. The application process is in-depth, too, so it would’ve been easy to just click ‘next’ and leave the sections I didn’t understand, but the team at the Hub were great and gave me guidance.

I initially applied for a crane operative role, but after my interview, they offered me the lifting coach position, which better suited my skills. This involves conducting training on plant machinery and carrying out the heavy lifts associated with moving blades around the facility. I started at Siemens in July and flew out to Denmark a couple of weeks later to start my training. I’m really enjoying it and can’t speak highly enough of the team at the Green Port Hub.