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Lee Norman

Lee Norman, Trainee Glass Cutter at KwikTuf, has been employed through the Pathway to Employment programme.

Michelle Saville, HR Manager KwikTuf, explains:

“What initially attracted us to the programme was the fact that, as a Hull business, we could assist the local, long-term unemployed in getting back into work. At no cost to us, we were able to help people gain experience, skills and confidence in a manufacturing environment. However, we discovered it’s also an excellent way for us to recruit staff and we have taken on six people through the scheme, as it offers a 20 per cent wage subsidy for the first 12 months of employment.

“During the first five weeks, participants receive valuable, relevant and funded training such as health and safety, first aid, use of tools and equipment, as well as softer skills training such as team building and communication, which are beneficial to any organisation. It also demonstrates their commitment and desire to work, so employers can see first-hand the dedication of potential future employees.

“Unity Training spend time carefully matching participants to organisations, based on experience, skills and preferences, before arranging placements to try to get the best fit possible. Ultimately, if the trial period is successful, the organisation has gained one or more new members of staff, without incurring any of the common recruitment costs involved in advertising posts, interviewing or using recruitment agencies.”