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Noise Barrier

The Green Port Hull development at Alexandra Dock includes the reclamation of intertidal land from the Humber Estuary, which was originally approved by the Department for Transport under a Harbour Revision Order (HRO) in 2006.

The HRO included a condition requiring Associated British Ports (ABP) to provide and maintain a 5 metre high noise barrier to run for approximately 250m along the western edge of the reclaimed area.

Noise modelling undertaken in connection with the Green Port Hull proposals which were approved in 2012 by utilising the HRO, demonstrated that the noise barrier would play an important role in reducing operational noise impacts on the neighbouring community at Victoria Dock Village.

The barrier is made of solid reinforced fibre beams which are set into a metal frame, coloured grey and finished to have a neutral and harmonising impact under most light conditions when seen in the context of the Humber Estuary.

For further details please contact the GPH Information Line on 01482 608585.