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Hull city centre will host a unique Greenpower & Green Port Hull street race on Sunday the 28th April 2019. Greenpower Education Trust aim to inspire young people to excel in STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths), through a unique challenge; to design, build, and race an electric car.

Following on from a successful race hosted at the KCOM stadium in 2017, Greenpower in collaboration with Green Port Hull are making history by going one step further, holding a race held fully on the streets of Hull city centre; the first electric closed road race ever held in the UK. The event will be a triple header featuring all 3 of the Greenpower race categories; Formula Goblin (age 9-11), F24 (age 11-16), and F24+ (age 16-25).

The event will be staged on a city centre race circuit with single seat electric cars racing wheel-to-wheel around a challenging track, with the Formula Goblin events and a STEM activity area taking place nearby. Schools that entered the Humber region events in 2017/18 expressed their excitement at the prospect of the street race:

Hornsea School & Language College: ‘A street race next year sounds incredible, it’s exactly what we have been waiting for. When we signed up with Greenpower to race in F24, we designed our car ‘Morpheus’ around a challenging street race track. We now have the opportunity to test out our car in the location it was designed for. The 2019 street race will enable our team, our school and our local community to unite – we can’t wait!

Francis Askew Primary: ‘Our school has taken part in this event for two years in a row we have had such a fantastic experience, with new skills and pride discovered along the way. We are about to begin our third year of dismantling and reassembling the car. This time, some of our 'veterans', from the previous years, will be taking on mentoring roles, passing on the engineering and driving skills that they had gained, to the new participants.’

Green Port Hull, who’s vision is to establish Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire as a world class centre for renewable energy is the lead sponsors of the event and is supported by the Regional Growth Fund.

Councillor Stephen Brady, Leader of Hull City Council, said: “We support the efforts made by Greenpower in Hull to engage students in careers in the STEM subjects of science, technology, engineering and maths. This unique event offers pupils a creative way to learn about these key subjects and we hope it will help to inspire the young people of Hull to begin rewarding careers.”

Grants are available to help fund teams to get involved in Greenpower. Funding is available for organisations in the Hull and East Riding Council Areas for Formula 24+ teams, and in East Yorkshire & Hull for Formula Goblin teams. Funding for Formula 24 teams is available nationally. To find out more visit

A launch event for the street race will take place on Tuesday 4th December at the University of Hull from 16:00-19:00 in the Austen Blake room, Canham Turner building. This is an invitation only event held for businesses, participant organisations, and notable members of the Humber region community, press are invited to the official launch of what will be a thrilling and unique event. For more information contact


Hornsea School & Language College continued: ‘We built a great working relationship with one of our competitors when we won at Blyton Park in the summer, and raced at Rockingham in the final. This resulted in us acquiring a second car from them. More exciting news includes our plan to build a custom storage facility for our cars, tools, etc., making a big difference to how we can run the F24 project, enticing more eager engineers to get involved’.

Eastfield Primary: ‘The race teams’ really look forward to this unique event. We enjoy all the opportunities which are presented throughout this project. It brings individuals together into a team working towards a purposeful goal. The project inspires ideas for future careers and teaches us that as a team anything is possible’.

New Waltham Primary: ‘We love the team aspect of the race, working together for each other. It really brings out the best in all the children’.


For further information on Greenpower Education Trust, please contact: Jack Blakeley Tel: +44(0)1243 552305 Email:



Facebook: /GreenpowerRacing

Twitter: @greenpowertrust


Greenpower Education Trust has been running its design, build and race challenge for primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities in the UK for 20 years. It currently works with over 600 schools and more than 10,000 pupils in a programme designed to get young people interested in engineering, particularly sustainable engineering, at an early age.

Through the Greenpower programme, young people from the age of nine get hands-on engineering experience but also learn communication, team-building and co-operation skills, while the process also gives underprivileged or struggling youngsters a renewed focus and goals for which to aim.

The program comprises of 3 age categories:

  •  IET Formula Goblin: primary school teams aged 9-11 racing in challenges such as drags and slaloms.
  •  IET Formula 24: competed by students aged 11-16 from secondary schools and youth groups, consisting of two, hour and a half endurance races requiring three drivers.
  •  IET Formula 24+: a one-hour race for sixth forms, colleges, universities, and apprentices aged 16-25.


Greenpower is helping to address the engineering skills gap. The Royal Academy of Engineering estimates that the UK needs 104,000 STEM graduates, and 56,000 technicians per year. Due to global demand with countries worldwide facing similar issues, Greenpower Education Trust have licensed the programme to organisations in Poland, USA, China and India.

Greenpower partners Siemens, BMW i, the Institution of Engineering and Technology, and Ford throw their weight behind the work that Greenpower achieves in the UK. Patrons include The Duke of Richmond, David Richards CBE, and Allan Cook CBE.


Green Port Hull aims to establish Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire as a world-class centre for renewable energy creating wealth and employment. The Port of Hull’s prime location in relation to the offshore wind opportunities in the North Sea means the region is perfectly placed to capitalise on the UK’s offshore wind industry.

The centrepiece of Green Port Hull is the £310m regeneration and development of Alexandra Dock, by Siemens and Associated British Ports (ABP), to create a world-class offshore wind turbine blade manufacturing, assembly and servicing and export facility.

The facility, which opened in December 2016, has the potential to be the single biggest influence on Hull’s economy for generations. It employs 1,000 people directly on site and has created thousands of support roles within new and existing supply chain businesses. See

In addition to this is the establishment of the Green Port Growth Programme, which is administered by East Riding and Hull City Councils. With an investment of £25.7m the programme, which is supported by the Regional Growth Fund, is designed to capitalise on renewable opportunities and to develop indigenous business growth within the renewables sector, securing long-term economic growth for the region. The project provides continual support to help local businesses recognise and embrace potential opportunities within the renewables sector.

The Regional Growth Fund (RGF)

The Regional Growth Fund (RGF) has supported eligible projects and programmes raising private sector investment to create economic growth and lasting employment.

Investing £2.7 billion to help businesses in England to grow, RGF is expected to create or safeguard around 270,000 jobs by the mid-2020s.