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Siemens today released the latest major batch of jobs as part of its huge investment in Hull.

Packing Operative Justin Dodson’s work involves laying down fibre glass and balsa wood to build up the structure of the turbine blades.

Siemens said well over 90% of employees hired so far live within a 30-mile radius of Hull and 10% of recruits were women, higher than in similar manufacturing and engineering environments where the proportion of female employees is typically below 5%. Siemens also said it hopes to increase this percentage during the remaining phases of recruitment.

Siemens today advertised 140 production operative positions within the packing, finishing and service functions at its site on Hull’s Alexandra Dock. New roles for a Finance Manager, Purchasing Manager & LEAN Specialist have also been advertised.

The new positions have been advertised in the Hull Daily Mail, on the Siemens UK website and the Green Port Hull site, as well as being promoted via local job centres and Siemens’ social media channels. Potential candidates can find details of the new positions at

Jason Speedy, Siemens’ Hull Blade Factory Director, said: “This is our next big recruitment push, with these roles scheduled to be filled from December up to the end of March 2017.

“We’re delighted with the amazing team we’re assembling and would encourage anyone who would like to come on board, but hasn’t yet applied, to take this opportunity.

“We’re also pleased to be delivering on our pledge to employ overwhelmingly from the local area and that focus will be maintained as we continue our recruitment.”

Siemens has received 22,000 applications for jobs in Hull but the company’s Hull Head of Human Resources Carolyn Woolway urged potential applications not to be discouraged by the exceptionally high levels of interest.

She said: “The number of applications and quality of candidates has been excellent and we’re aiming to maintain the standard as we continue the recruitment process. We’re expecting high demand, but we would urge anybody who feels they fit the requirements of the roles not to be put off from applying.

“We’re also really keen to encourage more women to apply for jobs in this latest major intake.

“We have worked hard to attract applications from women in the local area and we have seen the number of female recruits increase as a result of all that we have done to promote the jobs as being relevant to both male and female candidates.”

Siemens is at the forefront of industry efforts to address the acute shortage of workers with technical and engineering skills and to attract more women into manufacturing and engineering.

Siemens is focused on inspiring young people from primary school age upwards to focus on science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) courses and potential careers. Siemens works extensively with schools and education institutions through the Curiosity Project, which is the company’s major programme in the UK to bring STEM skills to life.

With partner Associated British Ports (ABP), Siemens is investing £310m in Hull to create a world-class and world-scale centre for offshore wind manufacturing, assembly and logistics in Hull’s largest ever inward investment.

The centerpiece of the investment, the wind turbine blade factory, is now partly operational with further production areas coming on stream by the end of the year. Development of the full Alexandra Dock site, including a new harbour for pre-assembly and load out of wind turbine components, will continue into 2017.

Around 650 people have now been employed by Siemens in Hull or will join the company within the next few weeks, with more due to be employed in roles where recruitment is already in progress.

The vast majority of the workforce on site will be employed directly by Siemens and will be supported by permanent staff working on site for contractors in roles such as catering, security, maintenance and landscaping. Hundreds of further jobs have been created during construction and in the supply chain.

The new Siemens workforce includes Packing Operative Justin Dodson, who works laying down layers of fibreglass and balsa wood that form the blades, and Finishing Operatives Monika Jedryczka and James Young, whose jobs involve sanding, grinding and laminating fully-cast blades to remove any imperfections.

Justin, 45, from west Hull, had previously worked for 20 years in manufacturing roles in the plastics industry, but said such experience was not essential.

He said: “We have a really broad spectrum of people here – from all walks life, male and female and different ethnicities. You don’t have to have worked in a factory environment. We have people who were previously cleaners, security guards and prison officers.

“Comprehensive training is in place for anybody who has the ability to learn new skills and processes and a willingness to embrace the Siemens culture of continuous improvement, empowerment and zero harm.”

Operatives James Young and Monika Jedryczka in the Finishing section of Siemens factory, where they work on fully-cast blades.Monika, 21, who lives in east Hull, urged women to follow her example and apply for one of the remaining positions: “I would say ‘just do it – prove to yourself you can do it’.

“It’s a very good environment and safety is such a priority – you feel really looked after. I really enjoy the challenge of this job. I like to see the result of my work on the turbine blades and to prove that a woman can do what some people might think of as a man’s job.

“I enjoy working with the guys. They are always really kind and don’t make me feel any different, just part of the team.”

James, 25, from Thorngumbald, east of Hull, said: “It feels like a family here. Everyone is friendly and approachable. There is no negativity at all and it’s great to be in at the start of something so big.”

He also urged people interested in working for Siemens in Hull to apply. “Go for it – you’ve got nothing to lose. Give it your all and, if you’re successful, it’s a great place to be.”

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