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Thu Ta

Thu took part in the Women into Manufacturing and Engineering event at the Humber UTC in October 2017. Originally from Brackley, Northamptonshire, she currently lives in Hull’s Old Town while undertaking a 13-month work placement at Vivergo. This gives her valuable practical experience while studying for a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering at Sheffield University.

“I love working in engineering and its fantastic to have the opportunity to talk to women and girls at the WiME event and challenge their perceptions of what they expect working in the sector to be like. It’s incredibly diverse and chemical engineering is the basis for making a wide range of products on which everyone's standard of living depends.

“I’m really enjoying my Process Engineering role at Vivergo and taking part in the WiME event has been an incredible experience. Without chemical engineering, we wouldn’t be able to manufacture certain types of food, fuels, medicines, plastics and the basic materials for high technology industries. My placement is giving me the skills and knowledge I need to enter the industry, and now I can’t wait to graduate.”

Vivergo Fuels was formed in 2007 as a bio refinery for the future. Its new £350m business will be the UK’s biggest bioethanol producer and the largest single-source supplier of animal feed. It produces 500,000 tonnes a year for the UK market, which is sufficient to feed around a fifth of the UK’s dairy herd. The Saltend plant also produces 420million litres of bioethanol a year at full capacity, equivalent to a third of the UK’s current demand.