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Louise Johnson

Louise began her job as a CAD apprentice at Spencer Group just weeks after receiving her A-level results.

She has always been interested in architecture and wanted to learn more about mechanical engineering.

The thought of being taught sitting down in a classroom just didn’t appeal, so when she heard about WiME, she registered straight away.

“I knew Spencer Group was a big name in engineering and, when I talked to their team, something just clicked into place.

"I applied to do work experience and a few weeks after the WiME event I was working in the Humber Quays head office. This valuable experience led to me being offered an apprenticeship.

“I’m part of a big team, which services the various different sectors in which Spencer specialises in, such as mechanical and structural engineering. I see my apprenticeship as a path to higher qualifications in engineering and I can’t wait to gain a degree in my chosen engineering field later down the line.

“Young people like me should never think they can’t do it. You might look up at massive awe-inspiring structures and think I can never aspire to working on something like that, but you can. You learn it, you pick it up on the job, and there are so many people willing to help you along your way.”