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ENGIE Fabricom Degree Apprenticeships

Boost your career prospects by learning from industry experts in state-of-the-art higher education facilities, while enjoying the security of a full-time job with an employer who believes so strongly in your potential that they’re prepared to invest in your future.

ENGIE Fabricom’s degree apprenticeship offers the perfect blend of an internationally-recognised degree from Lincoln University, and valuable work experience from a leading and well-established engineering construction Company, with a strong reputation.

Your university tuition fees are paid by ENGIE Fabricom, and you'll be paid a good salary too that could mean a debt-free university experience, whilst you achieve a full bachelor's degree, developed by ENGIE Fabricom and Lincoln University working in partnership.

The ENGIE Fabricom degree apprenticeship combines working full-time with studying part-time, and will take six years to complete. You’ll study using block mode learning (where you take periods of full-time study away from your full-time work).

A relatively new and growing development for vocational higher education in England, degree apprenticeships are designed to propel students into the world of work and fill high-level skills gaps by tailoring learning to specific business needs.

Who’s a Degree Apprenticeship for?

The ENGIE Fabricom degree apprenticeship is for anyone who’s passionate about engineering, and who’s looking for an alternative route to gaining a degree, without the high tuition fees and student debt.

You can even enrol on a degree apprenticeship if you've already got a degree.

Key Benefits of a Degree Apprenticeship

Wondering what the catch is? There isn’t one (you just need to be as passionate about engineering as we are).

Necessary Skills and Experience


To be eligible, you’ll need:

7 GCSEs at grade 5 to 9, including Maths, English, and Sciences

Plus, one of the following:

About ENGIE Fabricom UK Limited

With over 40 years’ experience in the engineering construction industry, we’ve established an extensive portfolio of successful multidiscipline project deliveries to a wide variety of UK industry sectors.

We provide high value consultancy, engineering, project management and construction expertise across various industry sectors, made possible by our professionally trained employees.

Through our values of professionalism, integrity, trust and team spirit - and the quality of our skilled workforce - we continue to build on our reputation for providing innovative solutions for our clients to achieve their objectives without sacrificing our key principles of quality and safety.

How to Apply

Send your CV and a letter of application explaining why you want to do a degree apprenticeship with ENGIE Fabricom to the following email:

It’s essential that you state your grades (or predicted grades) on your CV for all relevant qualifications, as this is a requirement for the programme. Failure to meet the criteria ahead of your start date may result in your offer being retracted.

Recruitment Process

If your application for a degree apprenticeship is shortlisted, you’ll be invited to an Assessment Centre consisting of a few group and individual exercises that are designed to facilitate you to be your best. The assessment centre will then be followed-up with interviews at a later date; we’ll keep you updated at every stage of the process.

More Information

If you’d like more information on ENGIE Fabricom’s degree apprenticeships, please give us a call on 01469 550514.