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Noise Mitigation

Associated British Ports (ABP) and Siemens are well underway with the construction of the Green Port Hull (GPH) project at Alexandra Dock, Hull. It is a facility for the manufacture, assembly, testing and shipment of wind turbines for the offshore wind power industry.

The site will be operated by Siemens and the project will help to meet the national need for renewable energy and bring increased prosperity to the area through the creation of jobs. 

A detailed modelling exercise undertaken as part of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of the project has considered the potential noise effects associated with the construction and operation of the GPH development. Resultant noise levels at nearby residential locations will depend on the activities that are being undertaken on the GPH site and also on meteorological conditions, particularly wind speed and direction. 

Certain particularly noisy construction activities will not be undertaken at night/part of the weekend and this will help to reduce the temporary noise disturbance associated with the construction of the development. When operational some quayside activities will run on a 24-hour basis, and this has the potential to give rise to some noise impacts at Victoria Dock Village properties. 

As part of the planning conditions for the development, a number of properties on Victoria Dock Village have been identified to possibly be entitled to a Sound Insulation Grant. 

This will assist people who may consider themselves “light sleepers” as some people prefer to sleep with a source of fresh air into the bedroom. The grant shall apply to the supply and installation of sound insulated ventilation systems to bedrooms, to allow windows of the bedrooms to be closed when required but still provide a source of fresh air. Priority will be given to those bedrooms facing towards the GPH site. The works could consist of replacement of existing non-acoustic air bricks with acoustic air bricks and up to two acoustic ventilation units or a single combined passive and mechanical ventilator.

Alan Wood and Partners have been engaged by ABP as an independent party to administer this scheme. We will, if requested, carry out the initial survey on your property (free of charge) which will identify what sound insulation options are available for your property and provide you with an estimated cost to carry out sound insulation. This will allow you to make an informed decision as to whether you wish to take up the grant offer. 

The maximum amount of grant shall be £1,500 per dwelling and shall be inclusive of materials and labour but exclusive of Value Added Tax (VAT). You can register your interest for this grant by returning the attached form. 

The site is due to be fully operational by March 2017, and you may be eligible to take up this grant at any point up to two years after the commencement of operations. This allows owners/occupiers not wishing to take up the offer of the grant immediately, to adopt a “wait and see” attitude.

Since the amount of sound insulation work will vary on each property it is very difficult to give an accurate indication of cost. However, we would not normally expect a standard installation to exceed the value of the grant. Please note the grant shall be payable only for works carried out by a contractor appointed or approved by ABP and certified to have been completed by the contractor, and for buildings for which all necessary consents from landlords has been obtained where the resident is not an owner/occupier. 

If you wish to be considered for the sound insulation grant we would ask that you respond by filling in the Noise Mitigation Grant Application form or call Jason Clow at Alan Wood & Partners on 01482 442138