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Neville Tucker Heating is set to carry out electrical and mechanical building services at the site. It will install humidity control and air conditioning systems in the 431,000sq ft. factory, and provide services fit-out for its offices.

The business is based in Sutton Fields Industrial Estate but works across the UK.

Managing director Mark Snape said: “It's great news for our local employment teams – it's exciting to have a good project local to home.

"It's good we've been recognised as being able to work on this and at the end of the day Hull has got more talent than people give it credit for.

“To be on the ground floor of something like this is fantastic and this project could lead onto bigger and better things for the whole city."

Neville Tucker was picked to work on the scheme by VolkerFitzpatrick, Siemens' main contractor.

It will see up to 40 of Mr Snape's team onsite at any one time, and allow him to create two or three more jobs.

David Sershall, managing director of VolkerFitzpatrick's building division, said: "We are delighted to have partnered with Neville Tucker on this important and prestigious project for Siemens.

"This contract forms a large part of the works undertaken on site and we are pleased to be able to use a local company to fulfil this requirement as it will see local labour heavily involved in the construction phase of the factory."

The contractor is aiming to source a quarter of the project's labour from within a 25-mile radius and create 200 jobs in the region.

The factory will be used to manufacture 75m turbine blades for offshore wind farms.

It also provides space for the assembly, storage and distribution of wind turbine components, and will be complete in autumn 2016.

Supporting local jobs

Shaun Cray, Siemens' general manager for real estate and construction in Hull, said: “We welcome this announcement, which underlines why we felt VolkerFitzpatrick presented the best bid for construction of the blade factory.

“It is strong evidence of VolkerFitzpatrick making good on their commitment to us to support local employment and access the local supply chain.

“The biggest benefit of our investment for the local economy and community is the 1,000 new jobs we will create in the blade factory and associated facilities.”