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Production Operative - Coating

Coating Operatives carry out the final preparation and paint the blades. They use their skills to grind and sand wearing protective equipment. 

Identifying areas of the blade that require work is a skill that will be trained. They then ensure the blade is coated to the correct specifications.

This is one of the more physically demanding roles suited to those who are resilient and possess endurance. Good eyesight is required to spot any potential faults.

Activities they carry out are:

What behaviours are important?

  • Resilience and endurance
  • Focus on health and safety is essential
  • Exceptional levels of attention to detail
  • Ability to follow processes exactly
  • Must be passionate about high quality
  • Must be able to work well as part of a team as well as on your own
  • A desire to continuously improve 

Useful skills and entry qualifications

Experience of any of the following would be helpful for your application:

  • Vehicle or large structure body shop/painting
  • Sanding, grinding experience
  • Experience of working with fillers
  • Ship building / surf board or other composite surface preparations within the marine manufacturing
  • Health and safety certification
  • Caravan / modular home or office industry
  • Small crane or lifting license / experience
  • Experience of working a shift pattern that includes nights
  • The flexibility to travel to Denmark for training purposes (with at least 6 months left on your passport at the end of training)
  • You live locally

What training will I receive?

  • You will initially receive up to 3 months intensive training in Denmark and Hull.
  • You will learn the very detailed requirements of the role and your knowledge will be tested before production begins.
  • At Siemens we never stop learning, we’re continuously looking for new ways to improve ourselves and our business.
  • In addition to the role specific training, Siemens often has vacancies so that people can apply to work in other departments and business areas.

Whats involved?

This is one of the harder more physical roles requiring upper body strength. You’ll be working in full protective suits with breathing apparatus.

This role involves lots of standing, twisting, stretching and lifting always whilst paying close attention to the health and safety of yourself and those around you.

Roles in the plant are safety critical and random drug and alcohol tests will be carried out. Failing this test could result in dismissal.

The person carrying out this role must ensure processes are followed exactly, failure to do this could damage a blade and the cost and lost time of this happening is excessive.

You will be working as part of a team and you’ll need to build excellent relationships.

You must be able to follow instructions exactly as you are directed and not take short cuts or implement process improvements without following the correct procedure.

Is this for me?

Are you physically robust and do you love the challenge of a job that is physically demanding?

Do you want to work in an environment that encourages physical and mental wellbeing?

Do you want to work for a company that puts your health and safety above all else?

Do you like working as part of an elite team where you are striving to ensure you get it exactly right and that you’re the best?

Do you enjoy following processes and have you got an eye for detail and the self motivation to carry out detailed checks probably more often than you actually are required to?

Is quality over quantity important to you?

Are you able to cope with tasks that may be repetitive and still maintain a sense of humour?

If so, this could be the job for you.

Why our environment, health & safety is important

All employees should be constantly aware of their responsibilities for ensuring a workplace where EHS is the top priority. They should engage with both Line Managers and the EHS Team to ensure that, where practicable, they are familiar with the Siemens EHS management system.

As an employer of choice Siemens takes its responsibility for the health, safety and welfare of all people seriously: as such you will be required to undertake a pre-employment medical screening to enable us to provide a duty of care towards potential and existing employees.

The recruitment process

You will have a face to face interview and you will be asked to give examples of things you have done to show us what level of skills and experience you have and as importantly, tells us what behaviours you think are important.

There may also be a dexterity test to how well you’re able to handle basic tools and equipment and how well you can follow instructions.

You may be asked to complete an online behavioural questionnaire.

There will be a physical test that in addition to your general wellbeing will show your level of strength and flexibility. Your eyesight will be tested and we’ll screen you to give an indication of any issues you may have working with equipment that vibrates.

It’s very important that we collaborate and work as a team so you may be asked to complete a difficult task with others and we’ll watch you to give us an indication of how you interact.

If you are asked to participate in an interview process please try to relax and be yourself.

Please note the role details are indicative and subject to change. They are provided purely to give an insight into the types of roles Siemens may have available.